2016-2017 Student Information by Grade

Each Summer Mailing Packet of student information contains: 
  • Grade Specific Letter 
  • Supply List
  • Administrative Announcements
  • Immunization Information
  • 2016-2017 School Calendar
  • Afterschool Flier

Available in both English and Spanish.  For more languages, please contact alex.bardinas@BUGSbrooklyn.org to set up an over-the-phone translation.  

PLEASE NOTE:  The Student Supply List 2016-2017 was designed to give students a window into how materials would be used and organized throughout the school year.  Please purchase all items on the supply list regardless of the sections in which they are listed - they are not duplicated.  If the heading on the list specifically states "for specific subjects," these items will be kept in the classroom where those subjects are taught.  Students are welcome to put their names on them or purchase any special design.  If the heading states "for your binder," these are the items you will keep in your binder that travel with you throughout the day.  These also should have your name and can be personalized in anyway you like.  "Communal" material are items that will be shared with everyone in the BUGS community. 


6th Grade: