BUGS has developed a unique and innovative curriculum, designed in conjunction with the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education (http://cloudinstitute.org). The academic scope and sequence follows that of New York City and is aligned with the Common Core standards, but our longer school day and year allows us to build in an interdisciplinary focus on the study of sustainability. Each year the students study an essential question that is examined across the content areas and participate in three Service Learning Projects that illuminate a key aspect of the essential question. The projects are all related to sustainability, and they include a hands-on component as well as group and individual work. Field studies provide a key context to these projects.

Examples of past 7th grade student service learning projects include designing and creating:

  • an original field guide to plants and animals of the Gowanus Canal; 

  • a stormwater drain stenciling project; 

  • a comparative data analysis study of the Gowanus Canal and Prospect Park Lake; 

  • a three-dimensional model illustrating the process of stormwater runoff into the Gowanus Canal. 

Examples of 8th grade projects include:

  • a food insecurity case study of corner stores in Bedford-Stuyvesant; 

  • the creation of a map of exercise trails and routines in Fort Greene to help reduce heart disease, and 

  • street tree restoration in Sunset Park. 

Grade-Level Websites

Grade-level websites give you an insight into the curriculum and more importantly into the classroom. With class specific announcements, copies of homework and even video tutorials, students and families can stay up-to-date with everything happening inside the classroom.

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