Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School: A Welcoming Place for Students AND Families who speak ANY language!


We provide:

  • English classes for students learning to speak and read English

  • Translation for parents and community members for all school meetings and phone calls

  • A supportive community of learners

  • Teachers and staff members who speak several languages

At BUGS we provide a small and nurturing environment for students who are learning English as a new language.  We know that it can be challenging for students to manage learning English and their classes.  For that reason, we have a full-time English as a New Language (ENL) coordinator who is the ENL teacher and coordinates supports for students learning English all day!  

Push in services - Push in services are when the ENL teacher goes into a class to help the students learn the content of that class—for example, they go to science class and help the student learn science.  

Pull out services - Pull out services are when the ENL teacher pulls a student out in a small group of other students who are also learning English.  They work on speaking, listening, reading, and writing English together.


Translation support for parents and families at Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School:

Staff who speak several languages including Spanish, Urdu, and Cantonese, and access to further languages through phone translation.

Documents such as report cards, bi-weekly newsletters from the Parent Coordinator, and important event notifications are translated. In person translation provided for events.

We connect families of the same language. PTA members are fluent in Spanish as is the Parent Coordinator.


If you are a parent or family member and you need translation—

Just ask!  We want to speak with you!

Contact Parent Coordinator or call him at (718) 280-9556 x503