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The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is located in room 434 and is home to our Dean Team. The OSA is the hub for student leadership activity including National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, and Jr. Dean Team. Our Deans work with students, faculty and parents to host a variety of events including Monster Mash, WinterFest, Black History Month & Spirit week. These events are designed to develop our positive and inclusive school culture, promote our values of Community and Student Voice, and provide fun and incentives for positive behavior and personal growth. 

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Dean dameon

Dean of Student Affairs

Dean Dameon is one of BUGS Deans of School Culture. For over 6 year he has been a Dean in Brooklyn. Prior to being a Dean, Dameon taught in Atlanta, Georgia for ten years (grades K-6). With an undergraduate degree from William and Mary and a Master's from Brenau University, Dameon hopes to use all of his experiences to enhance the rich culture that has been established at BUGS.

Email: Dameon.Muhammad@bugsbrooklyn.org

P: 718-280-9556, ext. 504

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Dean's List & CARES Reports 

DeansList lets teachers track rewards and consequences all in one place, making it easy to celebrate accomplishments and hold students accountable. The DeansList additions and deduction system is based on our BUGS CARES values and are designed to reflect student attitude and work ethic. Students begin Friday with 100 points.

The CARES Reports are printed and emailed each Thursday. Students who returned signed reports to their advisors will receive additional points.

BUGS Store 

Students can use DeansList points to purchase items from the BUGS Store such as but not limited to Off-Campus Lunch Privileges, snacks, No Uniform Today Passes, and much more!