BUGS Student Leadership

Leadership is about the art of motivating, influencing and directing people so that they work together to achieve the goals of a team or broader organization. It’s important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling, to learn the art of building relationships within teams, defining identities and achieving tasks effectively. It also provides an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills. Middle School is the ideal time to harness students' social inclinations and adult-world critique for good. 

Leadership begins with identifying and understanding our C.A.R.E.S. values. At BUGS we believe all members of our community should be capable of exercising leadership in different contexts, advocating for one's own learning and improvement, and providing data and solutions (and not just complaints) for problems identified. 

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Student Council

Student Council will be leaders in specific community based projects. They will come up with their own ideas and topics. This club is an opportunity for students to have a voice in the community, and is really founded on student’s opinion.

Advisor: Dean Lucie

Meeting Room: Room 330A

Click here for the Student Council website!

Green Team

THE GREEN TEAM is an interactive educational program that empowers students and teachers to help the environment through waste reduction, recycling, composting, energy conservation and pollution prevention. At BUGS, members of the GREEN TEAM help reinforce our mission of sustainability while helping BUGS serve as a model school for the Zero Waste Schools initiative.  

Advisor: TBD

Meeting Room: Room 340