BUGS held its lottery the morning of April 20th, but current 5th and 6th grade families can still apply online for the 2017-2018 school year by clicking here.

  • All applicants will be receiving their acceptance letters in the mail the week of April 24th.
  • Please note that all applications submitted after April 1st will go onto the post-lottery waiting list in the order they are received. 

  • A PDF download of the application is available here, and paper version are available at the school.


SCHOOL DAY TOURS: In case you have not visited BUGS already, we invite you to tour our classrooms on Thursday, May 11th. For more information, and to sign up for either a morning or afternoon tour, please click one of the following links:

You must RSVP to attend the tours. Please rsvp for a maximum of 3 people, including yourself, your child, and guests. Note: your child will be given an excuse/late slip for attending the event.


BUGS is a community-based charter school where students study the natural and social environment across all subjects, using a hands-on, inquiry-based approach. Students of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome.

BUGS is a small, welcoming middle school where…

  • Students gain strong academic skills.
  • A safe, welcoming, and respectful school climate supports all learners.
  • Teachers collaborate regularly to create interdisciplinary projects.
  • Students design, build and maintain an on-site garden and a native wildlife habitat.  



BUGS Fundraising:

Community members, parents, and other Friends of BUGS like you can help our mission-driven initiatives that make BUGS the special place it is. Small donations of any amount add up to our success!:
Together, we can help these programs thrive and gain access to time-limited matching funds. Pick a BUGS cause that is close to your heart… or give to all of them! Take a moment to donate any amount to any cause. Your generosity helps our kids shine and helps our community be a better place: https://www.ioby.org/bugs. Thank you!


PTA Fundraising:
BUGS PTA has partnered with Flower Power Fundraising for this growing season's fundraiser! Ready to dig in the dirt and green up your flower box or yard? You can also GIVE the gift of plants and benefit the BUGS PTA at the same time. Flower Power offers top-quality flower bulbs for our friends and family members to purchase. All orders ship directly to our customers' homes and come with a 100% money-back guarantee. And the best part, we get to keep 50% of every dollar sold! All funds raised by the PTA go directly to supporting community building events and financial support requests from BUGS administration. In this spirit, funds raised by the Flower Power online plant sale will be passed on to the school as needed to support the school garden efforts. If you would like to purchase plants for BUGS Students to plant at BUGS, contact Mandy Rice for suggestions and have them shipped directly to the school!! mandy.rice@bugsbrooklyn.org Thank YOU for your continued support of BUGS PTA! YOU are the PTA!!! Questions? katesuth@mac.com


BUGS Media:

Read about BUGS in Park Slope Stoop! 
Check out this video from our Afterschool Program BUGSnTech!






We are located at 500 19th Street, within the Bishop Ford Complex
Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.

Families can now use PayPal to pay food bills and field trip fees!




Please consider using  to raise money for BUGS when you shop!   


 Or visit NYCharities.org  to provide BUGS with your critical support!



Shop any of the Shutterfly brands, and 13% of your purchase will be donated to BUGS!