BUGS is the result of a five-year effort of a group of community members who joined together to create an additional, high-quality, public middle school option in District 15. The founding team was composed of local parents, educators and professionals who are independent of any Charter Management Organization and who bring a wealth of expertise in education, fiscal oversight and policy.  Many members of the founding team went on to join the BUGS Board of Trustees.  The school founding team was led by Co-Founder Miriam Nunberg, a former Special Education teacher and Federal Department of Education attorney who is a staunch advocate for students' rights, and Co-Founder Susan Tenner, an impassioned educator and non-profit manager, who currently serves as the school's Executive Director. 

BUGS is authorized by the New York State Board of Regents and is overseen by the New York State Education Department. BUGS was honored to be awarded a charter after a competitive and highly selective application process.  

After a favorable review, BUGS received a successful charter renewal in 2018-- the application of which can be found here.


The mission of BUGS is to provide a hands-on, interdisciplinary education to young adolescents of all abilities and backgrounds, with a focus on real-world problem solving and the exploration of environmental sustainability. BUGS students will excel in the core academic subjects and become engaged community members who are critical thinkers prepared to achieve excellence in high school and beyond.

BUGS C.A.R.E.S. About Sustainability

Community - We are inclusive, interdependent, respectful, compassionate and generous in serving others.

Awareness - We are present, open-minded, reflective and honest. 

Reach - We stretch ourselves intellectually, emotionally and physically; approach mistakes as opportunities; and work diligently to reach excellence. 

Exploration - We experience the adventure of learning through inquiry and ingenuity in real-world problem solving.

Student Voice - We express and act upon our ideas and share responsibility for our own learning and the betterment of our school and communities.

We recognize the impact of our actions on the planet, our community and ourselves, and we pursue viable long-term practices and big-picture thinking.